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How to Nymph Fish

Nymph fishing is a challenging fly fishing technique that requires fishing with the fly underwater.


  • Step 1: Estimate where the fish are Try to estimate the depth in the water where the trout are.
  • Step 2: Add weights Consider adding some small weights to your fly line or leader. The weights will allow you to position the fly at the depth you want it.
  • Step 3: Cast downstream Cast downstream -- allow the fly to briefly drift with the current, and then begin retrieving the line. Gradually raise the tip of your fly rod to bring the nymph up from the depths of the river to encourage a strike.
  • Step 4: Attach a strike indicator Attach a strike indicator to the leader, well above the fly or on the fly line itself.
  • Step 5: Cast upstream Wade into the water and cast upstream at a 45-degree angle. Let the nymph drift downstream while you mend the line and watch the strike indicator through polarized sunglasses.
  • Step 6: Move to the right or left Wade slightly to your right or left, cast again, and let the nymph drift to another spot in the river. Set the hook when the strike indicator bobs or sinks.
  • FACT: In Roman and Greek mythology, nymphs were beautiful minor deities who lived in trees, waters, and mountains.

You Will Need

  • Small weights
  • Fly line
  • Leader
  • Nymph flies
  • Strike indicator
  • Stream waders
  • Polarized sunglasses

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