How to Cut Scrapbook Photos

Artfully cutting your photos using your imagination and a few simple tools takes scrapbooking to new heights.

You will need

  • Straightedge
  • Photo pencil
  • Scissors
  • Template
  • Photo editing software
  • Digital camera
  • Tissue (optional)

Step 1 Consider your options Determine how many photos will fit on a page and whether to crop an imperfect photo.

Step 2 Think creatively Think creatively. Photos may be cut in squares, rectangles, ovals or circle shapes, and into stars or heart shapes.

Step 3 Cut hard shapes Cut a square or rectangle by placing your straightedge over the photo and marking your shape with your photo pencil. Cut inside the lines with the scissors.

Step 4 Use a template Make or buy a template to trace any desirable shape onto your photo with the photo pencil, and use scissors to cut the shape inside the lines.

Step 5 Combine cutting techniques Combine cutting techniques to create special effects or to silhouette an object in your photo.

Step 6 Crop digitally Crop digitally with camera features or photo editing software. Whether you prefer to use low- or high-tech methods, remember that the most treasured scrapbooks are always made with love.