How to Do the Windmill

A staple break-dancing move, learn the Windmill to transition into even more difficult dance techniques.

You will need

  • Practice mats
  • Funky music

Step 1 Warm up, stretch Warm up and stretch thoroughly to avoid pulled muscles or other injuries.

Step 2 Squat, begin form Squat on the mat, balancing on the balls of your feet. Place your right hand on the ground in the center of your body with your elbow bent in firmly to your stomach. Place your left hand on the ground about a foot in front of your right.

Step 3 Turn head, lift legs Turn your head to the right and lower it until your face is touching the ground and lift your legs in the air, slightly flared, with your weight supported by your arms and head.

Step 4 Scissor legs, roll over Scissor your legs by swinging your right leg to the left, crossing underneath your left while kicking your left leg back and up over the right leg. Follow through by collapsing your right arm in and rolling over onto your shoulder and upper back with your legs bent and raised in the air.

Step 5 Roll into Baby Freeze, repeat Roll from your upper back back into the Baby Freeze starting position and repeat to complete the Windmill.