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How to Sell Used Clothing

Make some extra cash by cleaning out your closets and clearing out the clutter with these tips.


  • Step 1: Gather and inspect the clothing Clean out your closets and drawers. Make sure all clothes are clean and free of stains and holes.
  • Step 2: Organize the clothes Divide the clothes according to size, gender, and season.
  • Step 3: Investigate the internet Investigate different sites on the internet, such as eBay or other auction or classified sites that specialize in selling used clothing.
  • TIP: Carefully examine the site's terms and conditions, including their commission rates.
  • Step 4: Organize a garage sale Organize a garage sale. Be specific in your advertisements as to the type of clothing and sizes you have to attract the right customers.
  • TIP: Recruit neighbors to join with you and advertise a neighborhood sale to lure more customers.
  • Step 5: Call resale shops Call resale and consignment shops to see what types of clothes they take. Accurately describe your offerings and set up an appointment.
  • Step 6: Rent space at a children's sale Rent a table at a flea market or mom-to-mom sale in your area if you have kid's clothes to get rid of. This may also be a good outlet to rid yourself of maternity clothing you will not need any more.
  • Step 7: Donate clothes to charity Donate used clothes to charity. Get a receipt for the donated items and write off the donation at tax time. Donations are the quickest and easiest way to rid your house of extra items and will also make you feel good about yourself.
  • FACT: Americans buy over 2 billion pairs of shoes every year.

You Will Need

  • Used clothes
  • Internet access
  • Garage sale
  • Resale shops
  • Flea market or mom-to-mom sale
  • Charity
  • Neighbors (optional)

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