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How to Use HFS

HFS, which stands for HTTP File Server, is a file sharing program that allows you to share files with family and friends or access files from other computers using your usual web browser. Set up your file server with a minimum of fuss with these steps.


  • Step 1: Download and install Go to to install the HFS File Server. Find the Download tab at the top of the page and select Download. Then open the file and begin the installation process using the default options.
  • Step 2: Run HFS Run HFS after the setup is complete. Click on the Server is currently OFF button to turn the server on.
  • Step 3: Go to IP address Find the IP address of the server -- a series of numbers listed next to the Open in Browser button. Copy and paste this number to your web browser. The screen will indicate you are in HFS.
  • Step 4: Drag and drop Drag and drop files you wish to share over the server into the program's window. Confirm each of the shared file's usage as Real Folder.
  • TIP: Set up password-protected folders when uploading files.
  • Step 5: Save changes Select the Menu option on the server and click Save File System to save your changes. Do this each time you modify the system.
  • Step 6: Access files Access your shared files by going to the server's IP address from any computer and downloading any file from the public folders listed.
  • FACT: HTTP is short for HyperText Transfer Protocol, the underlying protocol used by the World Wide Web.

You Will Need

  • Internet access
  • HFS File Server installer

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