How to Use a USB Port

If your computer was made after 1998, it probably is equipped with universal serial bus -- or USB, ports. Learn how to attach devices to these ports.

You will need

  • USB port
  • Peripheral device
  • Driver
  • Device software
  • Computer manual (optional)

Step 1 Read device instructions Read the instructions that came with the peripheral device to determine whether a driver must be installed before you connect the device.

Step 2 Check for power requirements Check the instructions to see whether the power switch should be turned on before you connect the device.

Step 3 Choose USP port Determine which USB port you want to connect your device to.

Step 4 Plug in device Plug the device into a USB port.

Step 5 Check whether other software is needed Check the instructions that came with your device to see whether you must install any additional software.

Step 6 Don't disconnect device prematurely Make sure the computer has finished transferring information to the device before disconnecting it.

Step 7 Reattach to any port Attach the device to any USB port when reconnecting it. One USB port can support up to 127 devices using USB hubs.