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How to Pimp out Your Dorm Room

Want to make your dorm room a place you're proud to come home to? It only takes a few steps to turn boring college quarters into a pimped-out pad.


  • Step 1: Hit the floor Arrange furniture to maximize space without obstructing windows so you don't block natural light. Add pieces that have multiple uses, like a well-stocked mini-fridge that doubles as an end table.
  • TIP: Lofting your bed is a good way to provide extra floor space if your room's particularly small.
  • Step 2: Color your world Add color to your dorm room with fabric furniture coverings, soft rugs, and new bedding. Remember, you're a legal adult now -- no logos or fictional characters.
  • Step 3: Be yourself Show your personality with a few posters and mementos; choose personally significant items that can act as conversation pieces when you meet new people.
  • TIP: Put posters in frames to add class and durability.
  • Step 4: Clean up Get a trash can and empty it regularly -- the smell of spoiled food will never be associated with a pimped-out room. Consider investing in a vacuuming robot for when you need to clean up and get the party started!
  • Step 5: Light it up Invest in lighting options so you can change your room's ambiance easily. Choose a desk light with an adjustable shade you can turn away from a sleeping roommate, and a lamp with a dimmer to help you make the most of extracurricular life.
  • TIP: Don't use halogen lamps, as many colleges prohibit them in dorm rooms.
  • Step 6: Apply yourself Check out any gadget or game that fits in your dorm. Your room should function as a retreat where you can blow off steam and feel like the master of your domain, no matter how small that domain might be.
  • FACT: Harvard's Massachusetts Hall, designed in 1718, is the oldest college dorm in the U.S.

You Will Need

  • Colorful coverings
  • Personal items
  • Trash can
  • Desk lamp
  • Lamp with a dimmer
  • Gadgets and games
  • Multipurpose furniture (optional)
  • Lofted bed (optional)
  • Frames (optional)
  • Vacuuming robot (optional)

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