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How to Start a Glee Club

Has the TV hit _Glee_ inspired you to put together a show choir at your school? Here's how to get started.


  • Step 1: Ascertain interest Gauge the interest in establishing such a group. Decide if students will audition for spots, or if everyone is welcome to join.
  • Step 2: Get permission Approach a teacher in your school's music department about advising the club and serving as musical director. Decide where, when, and how long the group will rehearse. Consider charging club fees to help cover expenses.
  • Step 3: Pick music Pick whatever music you like -- show tunes, classical music, pop songs, jazz standards. Glee clubs originally sang a cappella; many of today's show choirs have instrumental accompaniment. Get sheet music; your musical director will help add harmony.
  • TIP: If your school has a band or orchestra, consider having them provide the musical accompaniment.
  • Step 4: Dance Incorporate dance moves into your performances. If your school has a dance or theater department, see if they'll help with choreography.
  • Step 5: Start competing When the group is ready, enter show choir competitions, sometimes known as invitationals. Some of the larger ones feature groups from schools in several neighboring states.
  • TIP: If you start competing, you'll need costumes; most show choirs wear bright, sparkly outfits.
  • Step 6: Go forth and be gleeful If you've got an especially good voice, try out for solos; many competitions feature individual performances. So what are you waiting for? Go get your glee on!
  • FACT: The oldest college chorus in the United States is the Harvard Glee Club, founded in 1858.

You Will Need

  • Singers
  • Musical director
  • Practice schedule
  • Sheet music
  • Choreography
  • Competitions
  • Costumes
  • Band or orchestra (optional)

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