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Howcast Hits SXSW 2010: Tips on Getting the Most Out of the Festival

Howcast hit the 2010 SXSW festival and caught up with a slew of independent filmmakers. Our very own Heather Menicucci, Managing Producer of the Emerging Filmmakers Program, got the inside scoop on the do's and don'ts of the conference and tips on getting the most out of your "South by" experience. Check out the EFP at


Heather: Hey I'm Heather and I run the emerging filmmakers program at We're here at South By Southwest to talk to filmmakers about how to get the most out of the festival. What to do and what not to do.

Man 1: You know, make friends, create new relationships. These are like colleagues that who knows, you never know when your paths are going to cross again.

Man 2: I've met so many filmmakers here and I feel like they're people I'm going to work with in the future. And any sort of shyness about meeting people, just stick that away somewhere because everyone is a somewhat shy filmmaker. So, just meet people and I should probably watch some more movies.

Man 3: I know you're really busy but do try to see other people's films because you want to be able to connect with people on some level and you want them to see your films.

Woman 1: Be prepared to talk about your film at any time. I think that I've talked to a lot of people who are asked, "So, what's your film about?" and they actually don't have an answer.

Woman 2: The secret to being a professional at South by Southwest is to carry a black backpack around at all times.

Woman 3: Don't get a hotel room with seven people. It's not a good idea. You don't get any sleep.

Woman 1: Even if your phone's not dead, if you have time, just go and charge it somewhere.

Man 4: Bar-B-Que.

Man 1: You know, eat! I didn't eat the entire I was here last time and I think that just... there's a lot of free food and being an independent filmmaker you're poor most of the time. So any time you get something free, take advantage of it.

Man 2: Don't pay for food or drink. I basically try and arrange my days so I never have to pay for anything. That's big. I spent like $10.00 on a banana and an orange juice and I was beating myself up all day for that.

Boy 1: Don't mention The Salt Lick at the airport.

Man 4: Get on as many party lists as possible and as many guest lists as possible because it's possible to enjoy yourself on a budget. And do take advantage of a good balance of both paid and free events.

Woman 4: Surviving South By emergency. I done it for the past four years and that's what I've lived off of.

Man 2: I learned how to drink a lot.

Man 3: Don't get too drunk.

Man 5: Don't drink too much.

Woman 1: Yeah, I might drink but I'm not going to go crazy with it.

Man 5:Because it is a marathon and not a sprint and you've got to be on in the day time. You've got to get your hustle on, you've got to be shining to talk to these people and you've gotta look like George Clooney, not Norman Bates.

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