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How to Do the Camel Pose

Camels—well known for their grumpy temperaments—would benefit greatly from this pose. But good luck getting one to do it.


  • Step 1: Kneel on mat Kneel on the mat with your knees six to twelve inches apart. If you want cushioning to protect your knees, place a folded blanket under them.
  • TIP: The closer together your knees are, the harder the pose will be; the further away, the easier.
  • Step 2: Lift body up Lift your body up so you're "standing" on your knees, with your shins and feet still on the floor behind you.
  • Step 3: Put hands on hips Put your hands on your hips. Shift your hips a little bit forward as you expand your chest up and a little bit back.
  • Step 4: Grab heels Curl your toes under your feet to elevate your heels, and reach back with your right hand to grab your right heel, then your left hand to grab your left heel, expanding your chest even more.
  • TIP: If you have trouble reaching your heels, place your hands on your hips and gently press you hips forward, and lift your chest.
  • Step 5: Point toes Point your toes so the tops of your feet come back to the floor and the heels—and your hands—are closer to the ground again. If it feels good to drop your head back, do so. If it feels uncomfortable, look either up or straight ahead to protect your neck.
  • Step 6: Hold pose Hold the pose for 5 to 10 even, natural breaths.
  • Step 7: Release pose Release the pose by scooping your belly inward to support your lower back as you lift back to upright, then fold forward and rest your forehead on the mat for a few breaths. Feel better? Spit once for 'no' and twice for 'yes.'
  • FACT: In 1856, U.S. Secretary of War Jefferson Davis imported 75 camels to serve as Army "pack mules" in arid Texas.

You Will Need

  • Comfortable clothing suitable for stretching and moving
  • A calm place where you won't be distracted or disturbed
  • A yoga mat or folded blanket

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