How to Play Home Run Derby

Home Run Derby is a classic game that can be played in many different locations with all kinds of different objects. Here are some basic rules and tips.

You will need

  • Bucket of balls
  • Bat
  • Open field
  • Distance marker
  • Pitching net
  • Glove
  • At least 2 players
  • Extra equipment
  • sticks
  • rocks
  • or trash cans (optional)

Step 1 Gather equipment Gather your baseball equipment. Make sure you have a bucket of baseballs, a bat, and a glove.

Step 2 Find a location Find a baseball diamond or a large open field to play in. Designate a distance for home runs and mark it on the field.

Step 3 Set up home plate and a pitching net Place a marker to represent home plate and set up your pitching net a comfortable distance behind it.

Step 4 Set up the rules Determine the number of outs each batter is allowed before their turn ends. Typically, batters are allowed 10 outs.

Step 5 Use a round system Allow two “at bats” for each batter, and the two batters with the most home runs battle in one final round.