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How to Give a Back Massage

A back massage is a fun, special gift to give someone, but you need to know the basics of how to give a good back massage before you try.


  • Step 1: Get massage oil Get massage oil. You may need to try some out first to see what you like, but find something that is light and smells good.
  • TIP: Make sure to ask if there are any sensitivities to oil or other concerns before you start touching their body.
  • Step 2: Get the person ready Get the person getting the massage ready by having them get undressed. Massage should be done on bare skin while they are laying on their stomach.
  • TIP: Use the sheet to cover their bottom half so they are comfortable.
  • Step 3: Apply massage oil Apply enough massage oil so your hands glide over the surface of the skin, but not too much that it's a mess. You can always add more if you need it.
  • Step 4: Begin with long strokes Begin your back massage with long, slow strokes. Apply light pressure for a few minutes to start. It will help the person relax.
  • TIP: Make sure to ask if you are applying too much or too little pressure as you go.
  • Step 5: Find tight spots Find tight spots and knots and spend time massaging those areas. You can also massage down either side of the spine to the lower back.
  • Step 6: Continue Continue long, slow strokes throughout the length of the back massage as well as focusing on the tight spots. Make sure to pay attention to the person's likes and dislikes as you go. Never force anything!
  • Step 7: Feel good Feel good knowing you helped someone relax and feel better. Maybe you can even show them how to give you a back massage now.
  • FACT: Bob Hope lived to be 100 and is believed to have had therapeutic massages daily.

You Will Need

  • Massage oil
  • Sheet
  • Bed or cot

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