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How to Make a Bow Using Double Face Wired Ribbon

These beautiful bows are perfect as pew bows for weddings, toppers for gift baskets, additions to flowers and wreaths, or for any occasion that could use a special finishing touch.


  • Step 1: Loop ribbon Leave a 12-inch length of ribbon as a tail and make a small loop, about four inches or so, above it. Make another loop of the same size on the opposite side, criss-crossing over the top of the first loop. The two loops and tails should form an X.
  • Step 2: Put loops together Gather the fabric where the two loops meet in the center with your fingers, holding the loops tight with your thumb in front and two fingers in the back.
  • Step 3: Make third and fourth loop Bring the free ribbon up and make a third loop of the same size as the other two in front of the first loop. Make a fourth loop on the side opposite the third, directly in front of the second loop.
  • TIP: As you create more loops, you may want another pair of hands ready to help secure your project! Ask a friend to help and enhance the fun by working on the project in a pair.
  • Step 4: Create smaller loops Make the fifth and sixth loops in the same way but slightly smaller in size. Graduate the next pair of loops, seven and eight, down in size from the previous two as well. Make two even smaller loops to create a bow with ten loops.
  • Step 5: Make final loop Create one small, final loop around your thumb in the center. Cut the working end of the ribbon to the same size as the tail. Slide the cloth-covered wire in through the front of the last, small loop in the center and around the back and twist tightly to secure.
  • Step 6: Arrange shape Finish your bow by pulling out and arranging the loops. Trim the ends on a diagonal or cut in a V-shape.
  • FACT: Chevrolet cars have sported the iconic golden bow tie logo since 1914.

You Will Need

  • Double face wired ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Cloth-covered wire
  • Friend (optional)

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