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How to Push-Start a Car with a Dead Battery

Left your lights on at the mall again? Here's how to get your car started without the use of jumper cables.


  • Step 1: Turn ignition on Turn your ignition to the "on" position.
  • Step 2: Engage clutch; put into gear Press the clutch firmly to the floor and put the car into gear.
  • TIP: First or second gear will work, but try second gear to reduce the jolt when the vehicle starts.
  • Step 3: Push car Have your friend or friends push the car until you have achieved a speed of five to 10 miles per hour.
  • TIP: Let your friends know when you are about to pop the clutch so that they can get out of the way.
  • Step 4: Release clutch Release the clutch pedal slowly.
  • TIP: Don't be afraid to give the engine a little gas at this stage, but not too much.
  • Step 5: Drive Drive for a short distance after you feel the car start; just to make sure that the vehicle is actually running. Don't forget to go back for your friends.
  • FACT: On average there is over 3,000 feet of wiring in every car.

You Will Need

  • 1-2 friends
  • Vehicle with a manual transmission

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