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How to Use a Jump Drive

Keep your computer data safe while you move around. Use a jump drive to make your files available wherever you go.


  • Step 1: Locate the USB port on your computer Locate the USB port on your computer. Look on the front or back of a desktop machine, or along the side of a laptop for a port.
  • Step 2: Plug the jump drive into the USB port Remove the cap from the jump drive, if there is one. Plug the jump drive into the USB port.
  • TIP: Look for a small icon with a green arrow in the system tray on a computer with Windows or a white USB drive icon of a Mac to confirm that your computer recognizes the jump drive.
  • Step 3: Open the folder for your jump drive Access the folder for your jump drive on a PC by opening My Computer and finding the name of your jump drive. It may listed as the brand name of your jump drive or just as a "Removable Disk." Double click to open the folder.
  • Step 4: Drag files to the jump drive folder to add them to your drive Find the file or files you want to add to your jump drive. Click once on the file and drag it to the jump drive folder on a PC or the USB drive icon on a Mac to copy it to your jump drive.
  • TIP: Use a jump drive to move your files from one computer to another. Write the files to a CD or DVD if you are looking for a way to back up or archive files.
  • Step 5: Drag files from the jump drive folder to copy them to your computer Click on files in your jump drive folders and drag them to your desktop or anywhere else to copy them from the drive to your computer.
  • Step 6: Click green arrow to safely remove drive from PC Eject your jump drive from a PC by clicking on the icon with the green arrow in the system tray. Find the jump drive in the list of devices. Click on the option to "Safely Remove the USB Mass Storage Device." Unplug the drive.
  • Step 7: Drag USB icon to Trash to remove from Mac Remove the jump drive from a Mac by dragging the white USB icon to the Trash Can. When the white USB icon disappears from your desk top, unplug the drive, knowing that your files are safe.
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You Will Need

  • Computer
  • Jump drive

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