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How to Use Wally

Automatically rotate wallpapers in your desktop from different sources with Wally.


  • Step 1: Download Wally Download Wally and install the application.
  • TIP: Wally is compatible with all Windows versions, Linux, and Mac.
  • Step 2: Select System Tray Right-click on the System Tray icon.
  • Step 3: Select Settings Select Settings and add the folders that contain your wallpapers and pictures. Wally will scan and select an image from these folders as your desktop background.
  • Step 4: Adjust your settings Adjust the position of the wallpaper and how often you want the wallpaper to rotate.
  • Step 5: Rotate manually Rotate wallpapers manually by right-clicking the System Tray icon and selecting Next Photo. Wally will pick a random photo from your photo album and set it as the desktop background.
  • Step 6: Select photos Select photos from online storage services by clicking on Settings and Select a Photo Site. Click the icon and add tags of your choice.
  • Step 7: Select size Select the size of the pictures and order of rotation. Click OK and then click Save Photo in the Systems Tray icon if you want to save a picture on your computer.
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You Will Need

  • Internet access

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