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How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing

Protect yourself like the pros do by wrapping your hands before you step into the ring.


  • Step 1: Get wraps Find boxing wraps marked "This Side Down," which allow the Velcro to lock the fabric as you finish. Pick a wrap for the size of your hand, making sure it is long enough to give you support and protection.
  • Step 2: Start wrap Hold your hand out, palm down. Spread your fingers. Slip the thumb into the hole at the end of the wrap and stretch the wrap toward your wrist.
  • TIP: For extra protection, wrap the knuckles with gauze.
  • Step 3: Secure Lay the down side against the wrist. Secure with a couple revolutions of the material, starting under the thumb, to stabilize the hand.
  • Step 4: Tighten Move the wrap flat and tight on a diagonal between the thumb and forefinger and around again several times, slightly moving the line so that most of the previous layer is covered. Bring the wrap around the thumb on the same plane so that it cups around and holds it.
  • Step 5: Fan layers Fan the wrap layers so that you begin to cover the entire back of the hand up to the base of the knuckles.
  • Step 6: Wind Wind the wrap across the knuckles, continuing to keep your fingers spread. Center the material over the knuckles as you encase them.
  • TIP: Snug the wrap without pulling too tight. Wraps that are too tight could cut off circulation.
  • Step 7: Pin down layers Return to the middle of the hand, unrolling and setting rows straight across as you work, pinning the other layers down.
  • Step 8: Finish Wrap till you have two passes left and go to the wrist, winding around and sealing with the Velcro.
  • Step 9: Repeat on other hand Repeat on the other hand; now you're ready to go out there and fight the good fight!
  • FACT: The bare-knuckle era ended in 1892 when Gentleman Jim Corbett, the first to use gloves, knocked out legendary bare-knuckle fighter John L. Sullivan in the 21st round.

You Will Need

  • Hand wraps
  • Care
  • Concentration
  • Patience
  • Delicacy
  • Gauze (optional)

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