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How to Make Teardrop Chandelier Earrings

Add a touch of elegance to your accessories with these fun-to-make earrings.


  • Step 1: Set up jig Set up the jig to make the chandelier frame. A jig is a flat base with moveable pegs that you wrap wire around to create different shapes. Position four pegs in a diamond shape.
  • Step 2: Add peg Add a peg, aligned between the bottom and side peg. Add another peg in the same position on the opposite side for a total of six pegs.
  • Step 3: Wrap wire Wrap the 20-gauge wire around each peg, starting at the top and moving clockwise. Pull the wire taut and bring it underneath and over each pin for a counter-clockwise wrap. Finish with a second loop on the topmost pin.
  • TIP: Use consistent tension while wrapping for the best shape.
  • Step 4: Cut ends Cut the ends close to the top loop with the flush cutters and remove the chandelier frame from the jig. Stretch the frame with your fingers to enable it to fit on an ear wire loop without starting to spring apart.
  • Step 5: Attach ear wires Attach the premade ear wires between the two loops at the top.
  • Step 6: String beads String one bead onto a headpin or 24-gauge wire and make a loop above the bead using the roundnose pliers. Open the loop and place it onto one of the loops of the chandelier frame. Repeat until all the chandelier loops have beads dangling from them.
  • TIP: You can also create a second loop below each bead.
  • Step 7: Add center dangle Create a longer center dangle by stringing two beads together on a headpin or 24-gauge wire and leaving about 1/2 inch of straight wire at the top before making an eye loop. Attach it to the earwire at the top between the two loops. Repeat these steps for your other earring, and your ears will sparkle!
  • FACT: Harry Winston's 60.1 carat diamond drop earrings were ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the ten most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world in 2006, worth an estimated $8.5 million.

You Will Need

  • Jig
  • 20-gauge wire
  • Flush cutters
  • Pre-made ear wires
  • 14 4 to 6 mm beads
  • Headpins or 24-gauge wire
  • Roundnose pliers

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