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How to Date a Younger Woman

If you want a pretty young thing on your arm, you're gonna have to have a few things going for you.


  • Step 1: Have a great job Have a steady job that pays well. Anthropologically speaking, the main reason young women are drawn to older men is because they want to mate with someone who can provide for them and any children that may come along.
  • Step 2: Be in shape Be in good physical shape. If you want her to be under a certain age, it helps if you don't look yours.
  • Step 3: Act your age Don't look your age, but act your age. Part of your presumed appeal is that you won't behave like an immature jerk.
  • Step 4: Be generous Be generous with her. She's bringing youth to the table. You need to bring cash.
  • TIP: A good pick-up line is, "May I take you to an expensive restaurant and buy you a pricey piece of jewelry afterwards?"
  • Step 5: Keep up with her Once you've landed a young woman, make an effort to keep up with her. She's not going to want to sit home every night.
  • Step 6: Be real Don't be surprised if she leaves you for a younger man. Women like a fresh face and buff bod, too.
  • FACT: Women who marry older men have more children than those who marry younger ones.

You Will Need

  • Steady
  • well-paying job
  • Physical fitness
  • Maturity
  • Generosity
  • Energy
  • Practicality
  • Surefire pick-up line (optional)

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