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How to Become President of the PTA

Can you do a better job than the other people who want to run things at your kid's school, and do you have a lot of free time to volunteer? Then here's how you can ace the election for PTA president.


  • Step 1: Read the bylaws Learn the bylaws of your Parent Teacher Association in the organization's constitution or charter. Even grownups have to follow the rules.
  • Step 2: Get nominated Ask a trusted friend on the PTA nominating committee to nominate you for the post. If that fails, nominate yourself.
  • TIP: Show your level of commitment by being active on PTA committees and stepping up to help in visible ways.
  • Step 3: Make a platform Draft a campaign platform that includes a short bio of your leadership experience and skills, and lays out how you intend to unify warring factions, resolve issues of the day, and plan wildly successful fundraisers.
  • TIP: Create a clever slogan to put on campaign materials that reflects your best qualities, inspires others, or sells your vision for change.
  • Step 4: Have a strategy Follow a strategy for getting your campaign message out and winning votes, such as hosting a party and promising future favors.
  • TIP: Form strategic alliances by getting committee chairs and other powerful people behind your cause, but don't alienate anyone, which might make you look like a divider.
  • Step 5: Build support Be approachable and reach out to voting members to build support. Don't be shy about shaking hands and asking specific people for their vote.
  • Step 6: Hope for the best Hope for the best and remember, if you don't win in a bitterly-contested race for the top spot, you can still do your kids a world of good from lower in the ranks.

You Will Need

  • Bylaws
  • Friend
  • Leadership experience
  • Slogan (optional)

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