How to Burn a DVD with Nero

Use Nero software to burn your favorite moments to DVD.

You will need

  • Computer
  • Nero 8 Software
  • Video files
  • DVD-rom drive
  • Blank DVDs

Step 1 Open startsmart Open Nero 8 startsmart by finding the icon on your desktop or by going into your start menu, clicking on Nero, and then clicking startsmart.

Step 2 Create and edit Click on the Create and Edit tab near the top. Then click on Author, Edit, and Capture Video, which will bring up Nero vision.

Step 3 Make DVD Go to the Make DVD option and click on DVD Video. Your new project window will come up.

Step 4 Import and add video files Import your video files to your project by going to Import Disc and selecting the location where your video file can be found.

Step 5 Create Chapters Click on Create Chapters in the menu to the right, then select the button under the video screen called Generate Chapters and specify how the chapters will be divided up. This is usually done by time segments.

Step 6 Create menu Move on to menu creation. You can select from many options available to create the style and layout of your DVD menu.

Step 7 Preview Click Next to see a preview of your menu. This shows how the menu will look on the screen and what the music will sound like if you chose to add any.

Step 8 Burn the DVD Insert a blank DVD into your DVD rom drive. Click Next and then click on Start Burn to begin the process. When the DVD is finished burning, test it out on any DVD player. Your home movies are ready to be shared with your entire family!