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How to Buy Men's Dress Shoes

Put your best foot forward with these fashion savvy shopping tips.


  • Step 1: Fit the occasion Fit the type of shoes to the occasion. If you need dress shoes for work, you need a different shoe than for a wedding.
  • Step 2: Buy quality Buy quality shoes that will last. Look for thick soles, durable stitching, and quality leather.
  • Step 3: Choose color Choose black or brown to get the most use out of your dress shoes. Pair brown with khaki, blue and green, or brown-toned pants. Black shoes can be worn with black and grey suits, as well as with white and cream in warmer months.
  • TIP: If you're very fashion forward, consider white shoes.
  • Step 4: Find your style Find shoes that suit your style. A loafer is an easy to wear slip-on that is versatile and comes in many styles. Oxfords are formal shoes that lace up and are fairly conservative. Derbies lace-up, but are more casual. Monks feature a buckle and are more cutting-edge. Moccasins are often high-end looking, but light and casual.
  • Step 5: Try them on Try them on while shopping, but when it comes to purchasing, there can be great deals online from shoe retailers that often offer free shipping and returns.
  • FACT: According to one poll, men own an average of 12 pairs of shoes, while women average 27 pairs.

You Will Need

  • Eye for quality
  • Personal style

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