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How to Calm Your Pets during Fireworks

You can help your pets stay sane despite the loud crackles of fireworks with these steps.


  • Step 1: Remove your pet from hoopla Bring your pet inside and close all the doors, windows, and curtains to help muffle the sounds. Turn on the television or radio as well to help drown out the noise.
  • Step 2: Be a calming presence Stay with your pet whenever possible and comfort them by talking and acting calmly. Avoid projecting any nervousness or stress yourself.
  • Step 3: Create a fallout shelter Give your pet a secure place to hide out until the loud noise abates. Invite them into a crate or kennel only if they are already familiar with it. Otherwise, place their bed in a safe place, such as under the table or bed.
  • Step 4: Distract with goodies Give your animal something they enjoy -- such as a rawhide bone, a new toy, or catnip -- to distract from their anxiety.
  • Step 5: Teach a new command Introduce a new command to your pup, such as "calm down" or "easy." Dogs are quick learners and over time they will begin to understand the meaning behind your calm and reassuring words.
  • TIP: Exercise your dog heartily on the 4th of July and New Year's Eve. Helping your dog expend energy in advance of the stressful event will help to take the edge off.
  • Step 6: Habituate pets to the noise Play a recording of thunderstorms or fireworks at a low volume while rewarding your pets with praise and treats. Gradually increase the volume over time and continue with the positive reinforcement.
  • Step 7: Use calming concoctions Relieve stress with natural remedies, such as the scent of lavender or herbal pills or drops available without a prescription at pet stores. These purchases will be well worth the cost once you see your pet's anxiety start to melt away.
  • FACT: Dogs have roughly double the hearing range of humans: 40,000 hertz versus 20,000 hertz for humans.

You Will Need

  • Safe place for your pet
  • Toy or comfort object
  • Recording of fireworks
  • Stress-relieving herbs

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