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How to Choose a Men's Cologne Women Will Love

Choose the best cologne that will make women find you sexy.


  • Step 1: Purchase a cologne Choose a cologne that smells good and gives you confidence. Women love a confident man.
  • TIP: Popular colognes include musk with floral hints, and spicy scents.
  • Step 2: Try on cologne Try on a cologne before you buy it. Cologne will smell slightly different on each individual because of different body chemistries.
  • TIP: Only try on one cologne at a time to get an accurate smell test.
  • Step 3: Avoid too much cologne Avoid putting on too much cologne. This is a turn-off for women and it may give them a headache.
  • Step 4: Get free samples Get free samples from the fragrance counter.
  • Step 5: Apply cologne Apply a small amount of cologne to areas that produce the most body heat, such as your neck, wrist, and behind your ears.
  • Step 6: Let women know Let women know you are spontaneous and unpredictable by rotating two or three different colognes.
  • Step 7: Spend the extra money Spend the extra money on a quality fragrance that smells good and the women love.
  • FACT: The average person can recognize approximately 10,000 different smells.

You Will Need

  • Sample scents
  • Moderation
  • Free samples
  • Strategic locations
  • Variety

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