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How to Choose the Right Men's Hair Products

Achieve perfectly styled hair every time by choosing the right men's styling products.


  • Step 1: Read labels Read the labels to decide which products are designed specifically for your hair type and style.
  • TIP: Use quality shampoo and conditioner -- ask a stylist for brand advice.
  • Step 2: Use mousse Create versatile styles by applying mousse to your wet or dry hair.
  • TIP: Mousse will give you a sleek shine if you apply it to wet hair and a more natural look if you apply it to dry hair.
  • Step 3: Use cream Get styling cream for added shine, volume, and for flyaway hair. Creams work for all hair types, and all you need is a small amount.
  • Step 4: Opt for gel Opt for gel to get a sleek, wet look that will keep your hair in place while conditioning and moisturizing your hair.
  • Step 5: Use pomade Use pomade on short and thick hair to get a wet, glossy look that works great for a flexible hold without stiffness.
  • Step 6: Use wax or paste Use a wax or paste to keep your hair in place. Wax is good for controlling and managing short and thick hair.
  • Step 7: Use hairspray Use hairspray as a finishing product to keep your hair looking its best throughout the day.
  • FACT: Prematurely gray hair and 90 percent of male hair loss is due to genetics.

You Will Need

  • Research
  • Mousse
  • Cream
  • Gel
  • Pomade
  • Wax
  • Paste
  • Hairspray
  • Quality shampoo and conditioner (optional)

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