How to Cover a Textbook

With a brown grocery bag, heavy construction paper, or decorative wallpaper, you can help extend the life of school textbooks by making them a protective cover.

You will need

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Book
  • Stickers and tape

Step 1 Cut paper Cut your paper large enough to cover your textbook.

Step 2 Put book on paper Put the textbook on the center of the paper. Make creases by folding the paper over the top and bottom edges of the book.

Step 3 Put the book aside Put the book aside and fold the paper at the creases until smooth and even.

Step 4 Close book Close the textbook and place it onto the paper, leaving approximately 2 inches on the right side.

Step 5 Wrap the book Wrap the remaining paper around the front cover of the textbook and crease the edge. Remove the paper and fold at the crease.

Step 6 Open the book Open the book and slide the front cover into the sleeve. Close the book and make a crease with the paper against the back cover. Fold the crease, open the back cover, and slide it into the sleeve.

Step 7 Hold and decorate cover Hold the cover in place with decorative stickers and different colored tape cut into different shapes.