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How to Customize Your Backpack

Customize your backpack to show off your style and creative designer skills at school.


  • Step 1: Get backpack Get out your old backpack or purchase a new or used one.
  • Step 2: Get accessories Go to your local craft store or look through your household junk drawer and gather accessories that fit your style. Look for beads, pins, patches, bracelets, buttons, or jewels.
  • TIP: Use your imagination and get creative.
  • Step 3: Attach accessories Attach your desired accessories to your backpack with glue or a thread and needle.
  • Step 4: Add color Add some of your artistic flair with fabric markers and paints.
  • Step 5: Add accessories Add keychains, a bell, a whistle, or a compass to your zipper pulls.
  • Step 6: Add reflective strips Catch someone's eye by attaching reflective strips onto your backpack.
  • Step 7: Add pictures Show off the ones you love by attaching some favorite pictures to the fabric and pockets. Now go ahead and use your creativity to help your friends customize their backpacks, too!
  • FACT: The world's most expensive backpack is the Mulholland's Deerskin Rucksack and is priced at a modest $1,324.95.

You Will Need

  • Backpack
  • Accessories
  • Glue or thread and needle
  • Fabric markers and paints
  • Reflective tape
  • Pictures

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