How to Do Your Homework on the Bus

With all you have to do, it feels like there is never a spare moment to do homework. Working on the bus can be a way to erode your overwhelming mountain of homework.

You will need

  • Time management skills
  • Notes
  • Reading material
  • Study material
  • Seat near the front (optional)

Step 1 Start on the ride home Start your homework on the bus ride home from school on the day it’s assigned. Do not try to finish it on the way there on the day it’s due.

Step 2 Manage your time Manage your time well. Use the bus to catch up, not as a replacement for doing homework at home.

Step 3 Review and study Use the bus ride to review notes from class or as extra study time for an upcoming test.

Step 4 Avoid writing Avoid doing assignments on the bus that require a lot of writing or concentration. A school bus can often be bumpy and noisy, making it difficult to work on assignments with lots of writing.