How to Match Your Workout to Your Personality

You're a true individual -- why shouldn't your workout regimen reflect your personal style? When it comes to getting fit, you just gotta be you!

You will need

  • Self-awareness
  • Desire to exercise

Step 1 Go intense Classic type-A personality? Embrace that can-do spirit! Sign up for an intense spin class, or for power or Bikram yoga. Hone your inner gladiator through martial arts training, or by joining a competitive amateur sports team.

Step 2 Work out with a friend Perhaps you’re a social butterfly — more schmoozing than sweating. Get a workout partner for walk, runs, bike rides, or tennis games, or sign up your office for a softball league.

Step 3 Find alternatives Maybe you’re the indoors type: You only run when chased, and the gym just brings to mind painful middle school memories. Bond with other merry misfits by joining an ironic kickball, dodgeball, or office-chair polo league. Or take part in a LARP (live-action role-playing) battle.

Step 4 Get in touch Nature nut? Honor the Earth Mother by trail running or hiking in the hills. Center your breathing — and your chakras — on a fitness retreat, or feel the flow in a trace dance class.

Step 5 Cross-train Too spontaneous to settle into a routine? Break through boredom with cross-training, switching up your workouts every other day. Or hop on the trendy train with whatever fitness craze is of the moment.

Step 6 Start small Maybe you’re just really, really lazy. Start with baby steps — without leaving your couch. Play video games that get you moving, or follow along with TV shows designed to get you healthy. You gotta start somewhere!