How to Know If She'll Be Good in Bed

Need some advanced intel on her carnal qualities? Follow these steps to find out all you need to know.

You will need

  • Observational skills
  • Dance moves
  • Kiss
  • Ice cream (optional)

Step 1 Listen for confidence Listen for confidence, not bravado when she talks about sex. A quick, self-assured quip about sex means she’s sincere while boisterous bragging could indicate she’s compensating for something.

Step 2 Check out her clothes Check out her clothes. Look for subtle sexy flares instead of overtly sexual outfits. Women who wear revealing clothes often rely on looking sexy instead of being sexy which can ruin a roll in the hay.

Step 3 Observe her food habits Observe her food habits. Decisive ordering shows she’s the type that knows what she wants in the bedroom. Taking her time eating the meal reveals that she relishes sensory experiences.

Step 4 Watch for body language Watch for physical cues. Maintaining eye contact, matching your rate of speech, and mirroring your body language not only mean she’s attracted to you, she’s also adept at non-verbal communication, a big bonus in the sack.

Step 5 Cut a rug Hit the dance floor. Watch her rhythm and sensuality to get an idea of what’s in store between the sheets. Most importantly, pay attention to the chemistry between you. If you’re in sync while you’re cutting a rug, chances are you’ll blow each other’s minds in bed.

Step 6 Analyze her kissing Observe her kissing technique. If she starts out slowly and deliberately then ratchets up the intensity, she knows exactly what she’s doing. Also, notice what she does with the rest of her body. Lots of touching and caressing means you’re definitely in for a treat.