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How to Know If You're about to Get Dumped

Don't be blindsided! Know the most common signs that your lover is about to leave you.


  • Step 1: Look for contempt Be on your guard if your lover suddenly seems annoyed by everything you say and do -- especially if there's nothing unusual going on in their life that would explain their irritability.
  • Step 2: Ask them to make plans Try to make long-term plans with them. If they won't commit to anything beyond the next few weeks, and their reasons for refusing to do so are vague, watch out.
  • Step 3: Be wary of makeovers Be wary if they take a renewed interest in their appearance. They may be primping for someone else -- or simply sprucing themselves up in anticipation of putting themselves back on the market.
  • Step 4: Size up the sex Size up the sex. A decrease in frequency and passion is normal for long-term couples, but if your partner is actively avoiding intimacy of any kind, they may be getting ready to pull up stakes.
  • TIP: Half-hearted hugs are a bad sign, especially if they involve back-patting; it may be their subconscious way of comforting you for the pain they're about to inflict.
  • Step 5: Track their comings and goings Having trouble tracking their comings and goings? They're no longer keeping you in the loop. Being unable to reach them for long periods of time, or their sudden "busyness" when you try to call or make plans, are other red flags.
  • Step 6: The fighting stops Be suspicious if they're no longer carping at you for things you do that used to drive them crazy. It could mean they just don't care anymore, because you soon will no longer be their problem.
  • FACT: In one survey, 87 percent of respondents said they would rather know the truth about the cause of their being dumped than be lied to.

You Will Need

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