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How to Choose a Long Men's Hairstyle

Your hairstyle is one of the first things other people notice. Be sure the long hairstyle you want to sport matches your personality, hair type and facial structure.


  • Step 1: Assess your facial structure Use a mirror to look at your face. Do you have a round or square face? Will you need volume to offset a thin frame or can you get away with a perfectly sleek style? Assess your facial structure to determine which long style suits you best.
  • TIP: Avoid the mullet, that oft-derided, short-on-top-long-in-back hair fiasco. Unless you're in an '80s cover band, try to keep your hairstyle in this decade.
  • Step 2: Invest in appropriate products Take a look at your hair type. Is it curly or straight, fine or coarse? Your prep time will be longer when fighting your hair's natural state, such as straightening curly hair. Decide whether you want to go with the flow or fight the status quo; then get the appropriate grooming supplies.
  • TIP: Many men grow out their hair later in life. Shampoo is familiar, but conditioner can be a mystery to the newly long-locked. Conditioner makes it easier to brush long hair.
  • Step 3: Find a good stylist Find a skilled stylist who knows how to cut long men's hair. Your stylist should be able to remove bulk or add volume as needed as well as recommend appropriate hair products and styling tips.
  • TIP: Remember to get long hair trimmed regularly, to avoid unsightly frizz.
  • Step 4: Go long and layered Try a low-maintenance, top-heavy layered cut. This cut is artfully messy, a true wash-and-wear look, that requires minimal grooming products. It's also universally flattering, suitable for most face shapes and hair types. If styled properly, this look is also acceptable in business settings.
  • Step 5: Work the surfer look Let your curly or wavy locks grow long and work the surfer look. Make sure your curls are well-conditioned and trimmed regularly. Aim for a scruffily manicured look, paired with a hint of stubble. This look works best for those in artistic fields, where corporate casual is the norm.
  • Step 6: Aim for the emo look Consider the trendy emo look. Characterized by long bangs swept to the side and razored ends, this long style is strictly for the trend-setters. This look works well with thin, texturized hair. Flat iron your bangs for added drama. Now you can enjoy your new look with confidence!
  • FACT: A mullet is also a silvery, gray fish found in the warm coastal waters off Florida.

You Will Need

  • Mirror
  • Grooming products
  • Good stylist
  • Flat iron
  • Conditioner
  • Attitude to match your 'do
  • Shampoo (optional)

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