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How to Deal with a Flasher

When a person exposes their private parts in a public place where others may witness it, that act is a crime. Expose their indecent exposure acts and deal with a flasher.


  • Step 1: Scream Scream for help as loud as you can if you encounter a flasher.
  • Step 2: Pay attention Pay attention to as much identifying detail about the flasher as possible.
  • TIP: Notice hair and eye color, any tattoos or piercings, age, and their height and weight.
  • Step 3: Run Run away from the offender and get to a safe location.
  • Step 4: Report the incident Report the incident to the authorities right away.
  • Step 5: Explain incident Explain the incident with as much detail as possible. Report the time and location of the incident and details about the flasher.
  • Step 6: Talk Talk about the incident with someone you trust or talk to a professional counselor, if needed, to help you deal with disturbing emotions caused by this experience.
  • FACT: In over 90 percent of sex crimes, the victim knows the offender.

You Will Need

  • Attention to detail
  • Safe location
  • Authorities
  • Professional counselor (optional)

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