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How to Get Your Students to Read the Book

You can introduce students to the joys of reading by using some of the novel methods described here.


  • Step 1: Engage the student Engage the student by making a link between the book and one of the student's favorite hobbies or activities.
  • TIP: If the book has been made into a movie, have the student read the book before or after seeing the film.
  • Step 2: Go to the bookstore Make a family trip to a local bookstore. Take turns as a family reading books aloud to each other.
  • Step 3: Use abridged books Offer the student a selection of abridged books. These will pose less of a barrier to the young reader.
  • Step 4: Praise and reward Praise and reward the student for reading a book. Even if the reward is only verbal praise, it will encourage the child the read another book.
  • Step 5: Give the child a special allowance to buy books.
  • TIP: Encourage the sense of ownership. Put the child's name in his or her books, and make a place in the child's room just for the books.
  • Step 6: Get a magazine subscription Give the child a subscription to a favorite magazine.
  • Step 7: Offer special incentives Offer special incentives to the student to encourage reading. For example, let the child stay up late to read a book.
  • FACT: The more a child reads, the better their comprehension becomes.

You Will Need

  • Favorite activity
  • Bookstore
  • Abridged books
  • Praise and rewards
  • Allowance
  • Magazine subscription
  • Incentives
  • Movie (optional)
  • Bookshelf (optional)

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