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How to Give Yourself a Good, Hard, Deep Tissue Massage

A knot in your back or a tight tendinous band in your leg can be painful. Self-myofascial release, or SMFR, is a way to relieve that pain by giving yourself a deep-tissue massage.


  • : Consult your doctor before you start a stretching or exercise program. Don't use these exercises if you have osteoporosis.
  • Step 1: Lie on the roller Lie on the foam roller with your trouble area facing down. If you are working on your legs, you want to be face down with your knees on the roller. For your back, lie on your back with the roller under your hips.
  • TIP: Put as much weight as possible on the roller, but be aware that the pain will be strong at first.
  • Step 2: Roll down Roll your body down the foam roller until you hit a sore spot or knot.
  • TIP: Rest on the sore spot for at least 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, the pain should decrease by 70 percent.
  • Step 3: Resume rolling Resume rolling until you find the next knot or sore spot
  • Step 4: Continue massage Continue your self-massage until your pain is gone.
  • FACT: The gluteus maximus muscle in the buttocks is the biggest muscle in the human body.

You Will Need

  • Pain
  • Foam roller

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