How to Install a New Bike Seat

Upgrading your seat? Follow these tips on how to install a new bike seat yourself.

You will need

  • Bicycle
  • Allen wrench
  • New bicycle seat

Step 1 Loosen screw Loosen the screw on the back of the bottom of the old seat on your bike using the properly sized Allen wrench that fits your screw.

Step 2 Remove the seat Remove the old bike seat once the clasp has been loosened enough. You may need to spin the top of the clasp to pull the seat off easily.

Step 3 Slip on the new seat Slip on the new seat by setting the rails between the clasps.

Step 4 Adjust seat location Move the seat back and forth along the rails to reach your desired seat position, then tighten the screw with the wrench to squeeze together the clasps and finish installing your new bike seat. You’re now ready to ride in comfort.