How to Make Your Backpack Look Cool

Make your backpack look cool by accessorizing it to show your personal style.

You will need

  • Keychain
  • whistle
  • bell
  • or small toy
  • Needle and thread
  • Patches
  • Buttons and badges
  • Hot glue gun
  • Beads and jewels
  • Scissors
  • LED lights or reflective strips
  • Fabric marker and paints
  • Embroidery

Step 1 Add accessories to zippers Add a keychain, whistle, bell, or small toy to one of your zippers.

Step 2 Sew on patches Sew patches onto your backpack. Choose patches that display funny sayings, a popular band, or a silly cartoon.

Step 3 Add buttons Add a few of your favorite buttons or badges to the backpack.

Step 4 Glue on accessories Glue on decorative beads or jewels.

Step 5 Add lights Brighten your backpack by cutting holes and sewing in LED lights or reflective strips.

Step 6 Personalize it Personalize it with fabric markers and paints. Draw and paint stuff that showcases your personal style.

Step 7 Embroider Embroider your name or favorite sports team onto the back of your pack.