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How to Organize Your Backpack

The key to organizing a school backpack is to reduce the strain on your back while placing the items that you will need first near the top.


  • Step 1: Use multiple compartments Place items in multiple compartments. This will make it easier to find the contents and keep them secure, and weight can be distributed more evenly.
  • TIP: Recognize when your backpack is too heavy. If you have to struggle to put it on or take it off, it is probably too heavy.
  • Step 2: Place heavy items close to back Place the heaviest articles in the backpack closest to your back. This will reduce the strain on your back.
  • Step 3: Place lightweight items away from back Place lightweight objects such as lunch or clothing on top of books or in compartments away from your back.
  • Step 4: Avoid hanging objects from pack Do not hang objects from the backpack. Doing so will cause the weight to be unevenly distributed.
  • Step 5: Pack what you need near top Place the books and homework that you will need first near the top of the pack, and those that you will need last near the bottom. Now enjoy the fact that you're saving yourself back strain!
  • FACT: The Arrow Backpacker Pontoon Boat weighs 42 pounds and includes an inflatable pontoon boat, oars, and a foot pump that, when packed in the backpack, can be carried on your back.

You Will Need

  • Backpack compartments
  • Proper distribution of weight
  • Proper stowing of objects
  • Awareness of weight (optional)

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