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How to Perform a Striptease for a Woman

Wow your woman with a sexy and amusing striptease tonight.


  • Step 1: Pick clothing Choose clothing for the striptease. Picks clothes you can remove with little or no fuss. Wear a costume like a fireman or police uniform, or a tuxedo.
  • Step 2: Select a spot Select the right spot to perform the striptease. Make sure you have plenty of room to move around, and that you can easily get to your woman when the striptease is over.
  • Step 3: Turn down the lights Turn down the lights for your dance. Use candles or red lights to set the mood.
  • Step 4: Pick music Choose music for the striptease. Picks songs both of you enjoy.
  • TIP: Practice in front of a mirror beforehand. Test how difficult it is to remove each article of clothing.
  • Step 5: Start the striptease Start the striptease by removing your socks. Next, loosen your tie if you're wearing one, and toss it at her.
  • TIP: Be willing to laugh at yourself during the striptease. This should be a fun experience for both of you.
  • Step 6: Unbutton your shirt Unbutton your shirt, but leave it on. Switch to your belt and pants, and slowly remove them and drop them to the ground.
  • TIP: Go over to your woman and kiss and touch her throughout the striptease.
  • Step 7: Take off your shirt Take off your shirt.
  • Step 8: Leave your boxers on Leave one item of clothing on, like your boxers or briefs. Let your woman take them off, and let things go where they may.
  • FACT: The Chippendales dancers are named after the brand of furniture that was in their first club.

You Will Need

  • Costume
  • Place to strip
  • Candles or red lights
  • Music
  • Mirror (optional)

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