How to Pick Ballroom Dancing Shoes

Start gliding across the dance floor by choosing the best ballroom dancing shoes.

You will need

  • Ballroom dance shoes
  • Dance sneakers

Step 1 Choose comfortable shoe Choose a shoe that is comfortable, flexible, lightweight, and gives you enough support for balance and control of movement.

Step 2 Choose suede sole Choose a suede sole shoe. Suede is durable, provides traction, and is ideal for every dance floor.

Step 3 Wear dance sneakers Opt to wear dance sneakers. These are great for beginners to wear to dance classes and dance venues.

Step 4 Get a strap for support Choose a women’s shoe that comes with a strap for added support.

Step 5 Choose tall, thin heel Choose a heel that is tall, thin, and open-toed if you dance to a latin or rhythm style.

Step 6 Get full-size heel Opt for a full-sized heel for more stability and comfort.

Step 7 Buy two pairs of shoes Buy two pairs of shoes and alternate them if you dance for a long period of time. Show off your shoes and your moves.