How to Play Baseball with Three People

You've got two friends in the backyard, so how do you throw together a game with just the three of you? Learn how to play a baseball game with just three people using these tips.

You will need

  • 5 objects for bases and a pitching mound
  • Bat
  • Ball
  • 3 baseball gloves

Step 1 Set up your diamond Set up four bases and a pitching mound in your backyard using anything like trees, Frisbees, sticks, trash can lids, or whatever else you can find to make bases.

Step 2 Set up boundaries Set up boundaries for foul balls and home runs.

Step 3 Establish the rules Establish the rules for your game by deciding how outs will be recorded and what pitches are allowed.

Step 4 Play the game Place one player in the field, one player pitching, and one player hitting. The runs are tallied for each player, so it’s one-on-one-on-one baseball.

Step 5 Use ghost runners Use ghost runners if the hitter gets on base. If it’s a single, pretend there’s a runner on first base while the hitter goes back to hit. The ghost runner advances by a base for each base the hitter advances.

Step 6 Rotate players Rotate players from pitcher to hitter, hitter to outfield, and outfield to pitcher an equal number of rounds so each player has a chance to hit the same number of times.

Step 7 Clean up when you're done Clean up the yard when you’re done so you don’t get in trouble, and so your equipment doesn’t get ruined or stolen. Have fun!