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How to Share Digital Photos Online

So you've captured your two-year-old working out advanced mathematical proofs on your digital camera, but how do you post it online to prove it to your sister 2,000 miles away? By following these tips, of course.


  • Step 1: Choose photos Choose your digital photos. Whether they are on your digital camera, computer, or from your scanner, choose which photos you'd like to share online.
  • TIP: If pictures aren't saved on to your computer, you will need to connect the camera to the computer and upload them first.
  • Step 2: Choose online site Choose an online site that allows you to share your digital photos.
  • Step 3: Create account Create an account with the online site of your choice. Most photo-sharing sites are free, as well as video-sharing sites, and will require that you enter a valid e-mail address to get started.
  • TIP: Some of the sites require that you have a particular ID. Flickr requires that you have a Yahoo ID and Picassa requires that you have a Google ID -- follow the steps on each site to create the appropriate ID.
  • Step 4: Upload photos Upload your photos now that you've created an account. Each uploader is different -- once photos are uploaded, you can adjust properties such as size, angle, and, in some instances, color.
  • Step 5: Share Share either by providing those you love with a link to your public profile on these sites, or by finding the Share link on the photo page. This will allow you to share via e-mail or by embedding the photo in a web page or blog.
  • TIP: Remember to use discretion when posting photos online.
  • Step 6: Use social networking sites Don't forget to utilize Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. These social networking sites also provide photo-sharing applications. Whichever method you choose, make sure your best photos are out there for the world to enjoy, or in your sister's case, envy.
  • FACT: In 1981, Sony unveiled Mavica, the first digital camera. Magnetic impulses were recorded on a 2-inch floppy disk, producing images. The camera offered a 720,000-pixel image and 25 images could be stored on a disc.

You Will Need

  • Digital photo
  • Internet access
  • E-mail address
  • Discretion (optional)

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