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How to Find Out If Your Partner Thinks You're Good in Bed

Get the scoop on what your partner really thinks about your skills in the sack.


  • Step 1: Observe behavior outside the bedroom Observe your partner's behavior outside of the bedroom. Deciding to work longer hours, drinking more, and weight gain are signs they're not happy with your erotic routine. Pressing their pelvis against yours when hugging and regular public displays of affection mean you're doing a-ok.
  • Step 2: Notice how often your partner initiates sex Notice how often your partner initiates sex. If they're raring to go at the drop of a hat, you're doing something right.
  • Step 3: Pay attention to sex Pay attention to what happens in the bedroom. If your partner is audibly having a good time and you're feeling confident, it's likely you've got nothing to worry about in bed.
  • TIP: Yoga can improve both men and women's sexual performance.
  • Step 4: Listen for repeated requests Listen for repeated requests between the sheets. If they are constantly directing you during sex, it may indicate a lack of fulfillment or frustration with your technique.
  • Step 5: Pay attention when they're giving Pay attention when your partner becomes unusually proactive in pleasing you. It could be an attempt to get you to take more of an interest in pleasing them.
  • Step 6: Ask If you're still not sure about your skills, wait until you're no longer in the heat of the moment, take a deep breath, and ask. Put your partner at ease by focusing the conversation on increasing their satisfaction, not pointing out the flaws in your sex life. If you're not quite up to par, time to hit the bedroom and practice, practice, practice!
  • FACT: One study found that yawning just before sex can be a sign of arousal, not boredom.

You Will Need

  • Intuition
  • Communication skills

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