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How to Give Your Partner Sex Tips without Bruising their Ego

Lackluster lover? Get them to step up their game without hurting their feelings.


  • Step 1: Pick a time and place Pick a neutral time and place. Go somewhere private other than the bedroom and never discuss your partner's sexual shortcomings right before, during, or after sex.
  • Step 2: Manage eye contact Manage eye contact. Men perceive sustained eye contact as confrontational, while women view it as a sign of honesty. So have the talk with your man when you're side-by-side, but talk to your woman when you can gaze into her eyes.
  • Step 3: Frame it positively Frame the conversation positively. Instead of telling your partner their technique needs some work, say you want to take your sex to the next level. Try using sexually suggestive phrases instead of accusatory ones.
  • TIP: Ask your partner to suggest some new moves for you so the conversation isn't one-sided.
  • Step 4: Be specific Tell them exactly what you want. Avoid using general terms like, "better" or "hotter," in favor of specific, actionable words like "touch," "kiss," and "squeeze."
  • Step 5: Guide them in bed After you've had the talk, guide them with a little positive reinforcement when you get it on. Seductively tell them what drives you wild, then reward them with a display of satisfaction when they get it just right.
  • FACT: In a survey, only 12 percent of women said their partner was "bad in bed."

You Will Need

  • Timing
  • Tact

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