How to Watch Your Neighbor's Dog

Sitting for your neighbor's dog is a big responsibility. Fetch the proper instructions and be a good neighbor while they're on vacation.

You will need

  • Familiar surroundings
  • Eating
  • sleeping
  • and exercise habits
  • Brush
  • Dog toothbrush
  • Time
  • Medication and veterinary directions (optional)

Step 1 Keep the dog home Keep the dog at home in its familiar surroundings while the owners are away.

Step 2 Know habits Have the owners write down the dog’s eating, sleeping, and exercise habits.

Step 3 Brush Brush the dog’s coat and teeth when necessary.

Step 4 Attend to food area Check the food and water area frequently to keep it clean and properly filled.

Step 5 Play with the dog Play with the dog. Play catch and go for walks at least two times a day.

Step 6 Give the dog attention Spend lots of time and give lots of love to the dog while you are sitting. Take a nap or watch television together.