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How to Write a Children's Picture Book

Learn to write a children's picture book with these hints to enthrall and delight your own.


  • Step 1: Research writing Research writing techniques and learn how to create a beginning, middle and end to a story. Analyze structural concepts and practice writing constantly.
  • TIP: Children's book categories are typically 2 to 6 years old; 6 to 10; and 10 and over.
  • Step 2: Target an age Plan on writing 25 to 28 pages on a universal theme. You can craft more complexity in plot and language depending on the age of your audience.
  • Step 3: Get the words right Work to make the words vivid and pleasing to the ear. Don't simply describe what the pictures show. Imagine what the pictures will be like, even sketching a few for the artist you select to illustrate.
  • Step 4: Develop the plot Develop character, setting, plot, conflict, and action. Make each page invite curiosity.
  • TIP: Try your story on your own children or those of friends to test their reactions, confusion, desires, or likes and dislikes.
  • Step 5: Use word play Use devices like alliteration, rhyme, and word play. Make it easy for them to remember through regular repetition.
  • Step 6: Screen illustrators Look at work from a wide range of illustrators to determine who best understands and creates the tone, character, and emotion of your tale.
  • Step 7: Read the book aloud Read your book aloud to make sure it sounds right, and that the rhythm agrees with you. Have someone else read it aloud for you as well.
  • FACT: Theo Walcott, the 20-year-old English soccer phenomenon, signed a deal in 2009 to write a series children's books on his career.

You Will Need

  • Research
  • Practice
  • Imagination
  • Literary devices
  • Illustrator
  • Friends
  • Kids (optional)

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