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How to Spoon the Right Medicine Dose

You may be getting too much, or too little, medicine if you're still using a kitchen spoon to take your cough or cold syrup. Make sure you and your loved ones get the proper dose by following these steps.


  • Step 1: Use measuring cap Use the measuring cap that comes with the liquid medicine. These are marked with the correct dosage for adults and children.
  • TIP: Don't use kitchen spoons to measure dosage. Participants in a study under-dosed by 8.4 percent when using medium-sized spoons and overdosed by 11.6 percent when using larger spoons.
  • Step 2: Keep a dosage spoon Keep a dosage spoon on hand. If you've lost the measuring cap or your medicine doesn't come with one, you'll still be able to accurately measure your dose.
  • TIP: Clean the spoon with soap and water between uses.
  • Step 3: Try a measuring dropper Try a measuring dropper or dosing syringe to get the right dose, especially when treating small children. Rest easy, knowing that you and your loved ones got the right amount of medicine.
  • FACT: Spoon dosing is one of the major causes of pediatric poisonings.

You Will Need

  • Measuring cap
  • Dosing spoon
  • Measuring dropper
  • Dosing syringe
  • Soap and water (optional)

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