How to Add a YouTube Video to MySpace

If you're an aspiring video auteur or rock star, add your work to your MySpace profile using these steps.

You will need

  • Internet Access
  • YouTube account
  • MySpace account
  • YouTube video

Step 1 Create a YouTube account Create a YouTube account if you don’t already have one. If you’re already a member, select a video to share — one of your own YouTube videos or a favorite from someone else.

Step 2 Copy the video's Embed HTML code Copy the YouTube video’s Embed HTML code located in the top video description box. Click in the Embed box to automatically copy the code.

Step 3 Sign into MySpace Sign into your MySpace profile, or open a MySpace account. On your MySpace page, open the View My dropdown menu and click Blog.

Step 4 Click the Post New Blog link Click the Post New Blog link to go to your “blog control center” page. Hit Control-V on a PC, or Command-V on a Mac, to paste the YouTube Embed code into your MySpace blog text-entry panel.

Step 5 Click on Preview & Post Click on Preview & Post before posting your YouTube video onto your MySpace profile page. Preview the video to see if it will post correctly.

Step 6 Click the Post button Click the Post button if the video previews to your approval. Depending on your viewing permissions, MySpace friends can now view your YouTube video.