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How to Answer the Interview Question "What's Your Biggest Weakness?"

Reply to this inevitable interview land mine with aplomb and get one step closer to landing your dream job.


  • Step 1: Avoid generic answers Avoid the most obvious, overused answers, like "I'm a workaholic," or "I don't have a weakness." Employers have heard them many times and are able to see right through your ploy.
  • Step 2: Don't be too honest Don't be too honest. Employers don't want hear that you have trouble with authority or that you're not a team player.
  • Step 3: Look for areas of improvement Look for areas of your work life that could use improvement or skills you would like to hone but didn't get a chance to at your previous job.
  • Step 4: Show eagerness Show your prospective employer how eager you are to attain new skills and explain how they could benefit their company. For example, "I never got a chance to give presentations at my previous job, so I'd love to have the opportunity to develop the public speaking skills that your company can use."
  • TIP: Most hiring managers are looking for your ability to learn and grow.
  • Step 5: Focus on growth Focus on your personal growth by explaining how you overcame a weakness in your previous position. For example, you used to struggle with meeting deadlines until you took time-management classes to overcome it. Package a strength with your weakness, and you'll have the interview in the bag.
  • FACT: Forty-nine percent of hiring managers surveyed cited speaking negatively about a current or previous employer as one of the most detrimental mistakes made during a job interview.

You Will Need

  • List of skills you need to attain
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Focus on growth

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