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How to Beta-Test Video Games

Gaming can be an expensive and time-consuming hobby. But if you're getting your video games for free and getting paid to play them, you can get rid of that guilty feeling and start a career as a beta-tester.


  • Step 1: Work in-house Get a full-time, in-house job with a video game company as a game tester. Visit the top game companies' sites often to see what opportunities they have. These positions are harder to find than contractual-type game testing opportunities, but they do exist.
  • Step 2: Sign up online Sign up with all of the major game console companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, etc. Each one of those sites has an area on their website that allows you to fill out and submit your information to be considered as a game tester.
  • Step 3: Use a third party Use a third-party online source like to follow upcoming game testing opportunities. Many sites will link you directly to an area where you can submit information to be considered for upcoming testing jobs.
  • TIP: Do not pay these third-party sites to become a tester. There are several out there that offer free information about testing opportunities.
  • Step 4: Stay current Stay current about video game news, and be a visible part of the gaming community. This will help you learn about opportunities when they arise. Once you've become a tester, take your new job seriously. The rest of us are waiting for a glitch-free exciting new game!
  • FACT: The first at-home video game console, invented by Ralph Baer in 1967, was called the "Brown Box." The console worked with a standard television and gamers played a "Chase game" in which two squares chased each other on the screen.

You Will Need

  • In-house position
  • Internet access
  • Game console

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